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Products & Services

What We Do

TC is known as Metal and Plastic spare parts provider and valued by customers in regions. We keep continually our hard work with high quality and consistent to customers.

Meanwhile, employees with professional training in their special disciplines and our teamworks have decent engineering background from Germany. Because of their experiences, which made our products are critical strongly specialized with its unique requirements.  


We are committed to people who are essential when it comes to the complex development and production processes.  Therefore, we have a broad range of expertise as a basis for valued and outstanding products.

Our Products

We keep on our expertise in the development and production of components for the Metal and Plastic spare parts and other specialized items.


We find the perfect solution for every task and requirement, no matter how complex. However, we always remain committed to our outstanding standard.


Please feel free to contact us. Our team is dedicated to supporting you and take pleasure in our work, from brainstorming to development.

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